Skip Non-Working Days?

For most work projects, tasks are done on working days, and we want to skip non-working days when planning a project. For some other type of project, such as a personal project, or for certain special work projects, we may want to schedule work to a date without restrictions.

Tap the project name on the toolbar in an opened project view, to edit project properties includes task date policy.

"ONLY lay out tasks at WORKING DAYs"

  • Tasks can NOT be laid out at a non-working day (the task start date and task finish date can't be at a non-working day).
  • When moving a task (changing the task start date), the count of working days will be kept be same (so the duration may be different because duration is the count of all the days)
  • And the impacted tasks linked with the being moved task, their working days also will be kept be same.

Impacts & Practice

  • To enable "ONLY lay out tasks at WORKING DAYs" option, all the existed tasks should be at working days. If there are some tasks in the project are at non-working days, to fix the task date at non-working days, we can just switch the task display to LIST style by select the pre-defined list "tasks scheduled at NON-WORKING DAY"
  • If "ONLY lay out tasks at WORKING DAYs" enabled, we can't switch a day from working day to non-working day if any tasks scheduled at the day (start of finish is at the day) when changing project calendar
  • The undo pool will be reset (we will not be able to undo the operations before changing the option)