Where can I find the User Manual?

Tap to access the online user manual.

(There is no PDF copy, as the online user manual includes animated images and videos.)

Are there any best practices to create a new project efficiently?

If a task is not visible on the Gantt Chart, how do I make it visible?

We can scroll the Gantt chart horizontally to make any task visible on the Gantt chart. However, scrolling is not very efficient, especially when the project duration is very long. To move the tasks visible efficiently:

  • Double-tap on the Gantt chart, the task on the tapped line will be selected, AND the Gantt Chart will scroll to make the relative taskbar visible.
  • Alternatively, to select the task in the outline panel, the Gantt Chart will scroll to make the relative taskbar visible if needed.

How can I quickly view today in the timeline?

QuickPlan indicates today using a vertical red line positioned on Today’s date on the Gantt chart. If this is out of view due to the size of your plan, simply double-tap the timeline at the top of the Gantt chart to center the view on Today’s date.

How can I quickly scroll the task list to the top?

Double-tap the empty space on the toolbar.

Where can I find the exporting button when using QuickPlan on iPhone?

The toolbar is scrollable. Please pan left on the toolbar.

How do I hide the left panel (the outline list) on the iPad?

There is a button on the splitter between the outline list and the Gantt chart. splitter

  • Tap the splitter button to display or hide the outline list.
  • Alternatively, pan left on the splitter button to change the outline list width.

How many outline levels are allowed?

  • Four outline levels are allowed in a single project.
  • Plus sub-projects, a total of 8 outline levels allowed - which should be enough for most of the projects.
  • You may find that most of the MS Project template organizes the tasks in 2 to 3 outline levels.
  • You may see that QuickPlan is the only app that organizes tasks in the REAL task groups and sub-projects. Organizing tasks well in groups and sub-projects will help make the plan easy for understanding and tracking.
  • If we find we have to arrange the tasks in many outline levels, there may be a big space for us to structure the project tasks well.
  • QuickPlan tries to help to do rightly - we have a best practice article related to talking about the task structure.

How do I collapse or expand all the top-level task groups simultaneously?

Tap with TWO fingers (NOT the double-tap) on the Gantt chart to collapse or expand all the task groups simultaneously.

How do I maintain project resources (i.e., Project Members)?

  • Tap the project name on the toolbar to open the edit project property popover view.
  • Tap the Resource menu to make changes to Project Members.

Please check out the user manual for the details.

How do I change the project start date?

Change the project start date by editing project properties:

  • Tap the project name on the toolbar to open the edit project property popover view.
  • Tap the “START” field to make changes to the Project Start Date.

Alternatively, change the project start date by operating timeline:

  • PAN left or right on the timeline that is at the top of the Gantt chart.

Please check out the user manual for the details.

How can I change the project finish date?

The project finish date is calculated automatically, and it’s the result of planning.

Can I specify the project finish date only, with some task names, then QuickPlan will help me do the rest?


Can I create a Project Template?

Every project can be a template

  • In the Home view, tap the right-top corner on a project tile to display the project property view.
  • Tap the duplicate menu to create a new project. There are options to specify the start date and the project members of the new project.

Our practice is to create a template project for a team.

How do I create a new project by importing from an MS Excel file?

How do I import an MS Project?

What's the relationship between QuickPlan and Other Apps?


What's the difference between "% Complete" and "Physical % Complete"?

How do I sync a project across multiple devices?

QuickPlan supports to sync projects via iCloud Drive. Please check the details in the online user manual

How do I share projects with other team members?

It’s up to what is the actual request of “sharing”.

Will QuickPlan provide all the same features as MS Project?

No. QuickPlan is to help the users do the right thing efficiently.

  • QuickPlan will balance the functionalities and user experience on the iOS devices to be more comfortable, more intuitive, and more efficient.
  • Decidedly fewer features of MS project be used by most of the planner, for the case if more functions required for business, QuickPlan is flexible enough to integrate with MS Project, Mind Map, Excel, and other apps.
  • QuickPlan is being enhanced based on the practices of experts and feedback from the users. For most of the users to use a simple app for the typical projects.

See more about the considerations and the best practices

Why do I need to purchase "QuickPlan for iPad" and "QuickPlan for iPhone" separately?

“QuickPlan for iPad” and “QuickPlan for iPhone” are separated apps. The total price of two apps is much lower than most of the same kind (we mean those apps with at or above acceptable quality), and you know QuickPlan is the best.

“QuickPlan for iPhone” is not a simple clone of “QuickPlan for iPad.” The user interface is optimized for the small screen size of the iPhone device - pretty good design for planning on the iPhone efficiently.

For QuickPlan, our choice is to develop them as separate apps. Comparing to a uniform app:

  • For the users who need to use QuickPlan on the iPad and the iPhone only, they pay the same.
  • For the users who need to use the app on one type of device, they pay less.
  • Better design for different devices according to the screen size. These two apps are similar, but the app menu and app navigation are optimized for the devices.
  • Smaller app download size
  • Not all the apps should be the uniform app.

What's the difference between the standard and pro editions of QuickPlan for iPad?

Plus the in-app features, the standard version has the same functionalities as the pro edition.

We encourage the users to download the QuickPlan for iPad pro edition, as the pro version will always include all the features future. The Standard Edition is an alternative option for the users to purchase with a low price (if they do not want to use some advanced features).

How can I get a refund?

We are sorry, but we can not issue a refund directly as the purchases and refunds are handled only by the Apple App Store, and you can request one by reporting a problem to Apple and get more help from Apple support. There are also many articles related we can search via Google.com

How can I get help for App Purchasing, Downloading, Installation, and Updating issues?

The developer and the app have no control over app purchasing, downloading, installation, and Updating. Tap to access Apple Support Website.

How do I do if I have other questions?

Please check out the online user manual, and contact us for tickets and ideas.

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