iCloud Access

Risk: automatic spread of errors

(If we periodically back up the files in the iCloud Drive QuickPlan folder to other places, manually or via third-party backup apps, there is no critical risk to access iCloud drive project files directly, we can skip the following risk section.)

iCloud Drive acts as a shared folder on the internet, with the capability to automatically sync changed files to all the involved iOS and macOS devices. We feel good when using iCloud Drive to synchronize files - as we don't need to care about how to transfer the updated files from one device to another device. iCloud Drive helps us to synchronize the files automatically - it sounds good. But there is a risk caused by this iCloud behavior if we can't use the service well.

For example, we have an important file on iCloud Drive, which can be accessed on multiple devices using the same iCloud account. Incidentally, we changed the file on one device incorrectly, and we find there is no backup to restore it from the changing.

We may think we can find the old version from another device. However, before we realize the problem, iOS / macOS may already complete synchronizing the incorrect changes to other devices AUTOMATICALLY. iCloud synchronization is coordinated by iOS and macOS systems, not by the apps. After the app saved the project file on iCloud Drive, the OS systems and iCloud serve will take control of when and how to transfer the file to other devices.

You may wonder why QuickPlan could take control as it's the designed behavior of iCloud Drive, and the users like it. The user (and the app) has no control over it. Although most of the time, this risk is not very critical, the right work approach will be better to help us to mitigate the risk.


Some users may expect to edit the same project (open from iCloud Drive directly) on multiple devices at the SAME time, and the changes should be reflected on other devices automatically. We want to emphasize here that editing the same project on multiple devices at the SAME time is impossible via iCloud Drive

Because tasks in the project schedule are in a TREE structure, there are tight relationships between them. For example, the date constraint relationships via the task links, the parent-child via task group hierarchy relationships.

Editing two or more task items at the same time will cause severe logic problems. Following are some cases which may cause logic problems when operating on two devices at the same time:

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