Project Task Duration

One primary design goal of QuickPlan is to help us work RIGHTLY and EFFICIENTLY, to help us maintain the project schedule very smoothly and efficiently. And compared to just providing functionalities in mass, QuickPlan supports us in managing projects rightly.

Planning tasks in a short duration are probably cost-inefficient for project management activities sometimes.

For example, if a project schedule includes some tasks with the periods like 9:00 ~ 10:00.

Different types of tasks require the use of varying management apps.

When managing a project, we need to manage various types of works. It's not suitable to track all the tasks in a project schedule, and the project schedule tool is NOT the only tool to manage all the project tasks.

In general, when we are talking about project "task," we may be dealing with various concepts that are different.

The project schedule is to set the tasks to:

So in a project schedule

Please check out the details of why we choose a project schedule app.

We do not need to put all the tasks of managing a project in a project schedule. If a task is not to guide the team on how to do, but just a reminder for us to complete something by time, probably the todo app is simple and good enough for it. The cost to manage the tasks in a project schedule is much higher than in a todo app.

Comparing the TODO task and the task in a project schedule

Indeed for some cases, it's useful to schedule tasks with the duration of an hour (or in minutes). However, I'd like to suggest to check if there are other better options, as a heavy management process means high cost and long duration. We should balance our processes and tools.

Project Schedule is NOT the only tool to manage project tasks

Based on the project process and the real situation, various tools are used to manage project tasks

For short-term activities

Not all the tasks should be and can be maintained in a project schedule. The project team needs to balance the use of the tools.

We have some suggestions.

We don't mean that task duration cannot be short. Usually, organizing tasks in a too short period is not an ideal practice. QuickPlan fine-tunes the best useful features and focuses on helping the users do the RIGHT thing.

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