Is there a Quick Start guide?

To get better productivity from the moment you start using QuickPlan, check out the Online Quick Start Guide.

Where can I find the User Manual?

Are there any best practices for using QuickPlan?

Is there a Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet?

Press ⌘⌥^ (Command + Alt + Ctrl) to show shortcut tips in the active project window.

If a task is not visible on the Gantt Chart, how do I make it visible?

We can scroll the Gantt chart horizontally to make a task visible in the Gantt chart. However, scrolling is not very efficient, especially if the project duration is very long. You can use the following methods to move the tasks to make them visible in the visual frame efficiently:

  • Double-tap the Gantt chart to select the task in the row you clicked. Gantt Chart will then automatically scroll to display the corresponding task bar.
  • Alternatively, you can select a task in the outline list. The Gantt chart scrolls to display the selected task bar, if necessary.

How can I quickly scroll to the timeline to Today?

QuickPlan indicates the current time by a vertical red line in the Gantt chart. If the today line is not visible due to the size of your plan, double-click the timeline at the top of the Gantt chart to center the view and make the today line visible.

How do I collapse or expand all the top-level task groups simultaneously?

  • ⇧⌥⌘ → (Shift + Option + Command + Right) to expand all the task groups.
  • ⇧⌥⌘ ← (Shift + Option + Command + Left) to collapse all the task groups.
  • Alternatively, put five fingers on the touchpad (do not need to click, just put the fingers on the pad simultaneously).

How do I maintain project resources (i.e., Project Members)?

  • Click the project name on the toolbar to change the project settings.
  • Select the Resource tab to make changes to Project Members.
  • Select Save before moving to another tab.

Please check out the user manual for the details.

How do I change the project start date?

  • Click the project name on the toolbar to open the edit project property window.
  • Select the Date tab to make changes to the Project Start Date.
  • Select Save before moving to another tab.

Please check out the user manual for the details.

How do I change the project finish date?

The project finish date is automatic, and it’s the result of planning.

Can I specify the project finish date only, with some task names, then QuickPlan will help me do the rest?


Can I create a Project Template?

We can use any project file as a template.

Our practice is to create a template project for a team.

How do I open MS Project file (in XML format), Mindmap file (in OPML format), and WBS file?

Right-click the XML file in the Finder app and choose the menu to open in the "QuickPlan" app. QuickPlan app will run and create a new project by converting the content in the XML file.

What's the relationship between QuickPlan and Other Apps?


What's the difference between "% Complete" and "Physical % Complete"?

How do I backup projects?

How can I sync a project across multiple devices via iCloud Drive?

How many outline levels are allowed?

  • Five outline levels are allowed in a single project.
  • Plus subprojects, a total of ten levels of outline are allowed - which should be sufficient for most projects.
  • You will find that most MS project templates organize tasks into 2 to 3 levels of outline.
  • You will see that QuickPlan is the only application that organizes tasks into REAL task groups and sub-projects. Organizing tasks well into groups and sub-projects makes it easier to understand and track the plan.
  • If we find that we need to arrange tasks in many levels of outline, there may be a lot of room for us to structure tasks well.
  • QuickPlan tries to help you with this - we have a best practice article on task structure

Will QuickPlan provide all the same features as MS Project?

No. QuickPlan is to help the users do the right thing efficiently.

  • QuickPlan will balance the functionalities and user experience to make planning on macOS devices more comfortable, intuitive, and efficient.
  • Decidedly fewer MS project features are used by most of the planners. Suppose you need some features other apps provided. In that case, QuickPlan is flexible enough to integrate with MS Project, Mind Map, Excel, and other apps.
  • QuickPlan is being enhanced based on the practices of experts and feedback from the users. For most of the users to use a simple app for the typical projects.

See more about the considerations and the best practices

How can I get a refund?

We are sorry, but we can not issue a refund directly as the purchases and refunds are handled only by the Apple App Store, and you can request one by reporting a problem to Apple and get more help from Apple support. There are also many articles related we can search via Google.com

How can I get help for App Purchasing, Downloading, Installation, and Updating issues?

The developer and the app have no control over app purchasing, downloading, installation, and Updating. Click to access Apple Support Website.

If I own the Mac version, do I need to purchase the iOS version too?

How do I do if I have other questions?

Please check out the online user manual, and contact us for tickets and ideas.

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