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Sharing Project is to Share Project file

"QuickPlan for macOS" is a native document-based app. A project is a project file stored on the Mac with a .qpp file extension. QuickPlan follows the latest best practices and has the highest privacy standards because it is not server-based. QuickPlan is a very privacy-conscious app. We (SwiftApp) do not have a server where user-created project files are stored. User-generated projects are stored directly on the user's device or in the user's cloud storage at the user's discretion.

By default, project files are stored locally on the Mac, and the user can choose to store them in the user-owned cloud storage. The user owns the files generated by the app. The user is also responsible for transferring the project file to share with the team.

Sharing a file is relatively easy today on the macOS system:

  • The traditional Mac File Sharing.
  • Transferring files via AirDrop.
  • Sending files via iMessage.
  • Share via iCloud storage with permission control and, for example, sharing via Dropbox service.
  • Sharing via web systems, such as MS SharePoint server.
  • Email, and many other options.

usually a suitable solution. Dropbox, for example, offers apps for various platforms that support convenient file access.

For an enterprise, security is an important consideration when selecting a solution. Public cloud storage may not be an option. MS SharePoint server can be a suitable solution to share files within the organization, with easy access and permission control. Of course, the company may also have another suitable file-sharing solution.

Sharing Partial Project with team members

In addition to sharing an entire project file, we can also share a portion of the project with other project members. The partial project includes only the tasks with one of the following options:

It is quite a useful feature for the project managers to provide appropriate content and track the project plan with the team members and sub-project teams.

Share Project to a Specific Project member

We can share the entire project file with another project member. Usually, sharing the PDF copy of the project with the team member is a suitable solution for your needs. Alternatively, QuickPlan supports exporting the project for a specific project member to a new project containing only the tasks assigned to the project member.

Share project in a specific date range.

Share a selected task group in a new project.

Share the Visible Tasks (when displayed in the LIST style)

QuickPlan supports displaying tasks in a tree structure and a list structure. When displayed in a list, QuickPlan can only export visible tasks to a new project.

If you want to synchronize a project with team members, please read our article on team collaboration.
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