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Sharing Project is to Share Project File

"QuickPlan for the macOS" is a native document-based app, a project is a project file with .qpp file extension stored on the Mac. QuickPlan follows the latest best practices and has the highest privacy standards because it's not server-based. QuickPlan is a very privacy-focused app. We (Mobilinked) have no server to store the project files generated by the users. User-generated projects are stored at the user's discretion directly on the device or the users' cloud storage.

By default, project files are stored locally on the Mac, and the user can choose to save them to user-owned cloud storage. The user has ownership of the files generated using the app. and the user is also responsible for transferring the project file to sharing with the team.

Sharing a file is pretty simple today on the macOS system:

  • The traditional Mac File Sharing
  • Transfer files via AirDrop
  • Send Files via iMessage
  • Share via iCloud storage with permission control. For example, sharing via Dropbox service
  • Share via web systems, such as MS SharePoint server
  • Email, and many other options

Usually, to share files across iOS and macOS devices, cloud storage services are suitable solutions. For example, Dropbox provides apps for various platforms with comfortable file access support.

For an enterprise, security is a critical point for choosing a solution, and public cloud storage may not be in considerations. MS SharePoint server may be a suitable solution to share files inner the enterprise, with easy access and permission control. Of course, the enterprise may have another suitable file sharing solution.

Sharing Partial Project with team members

Additional to sharing a whole project file, we can also share part of the project with other project members. The partial project includes only the tasks by one of the following options:

It is a pretty useful feature for the project managers to deliver suitable content and to track the project schedule with team members and sub-project teams.

Share Project to a Specific Project Member

We can share the whole project file to another project member. And usually, sharing the PDF copy of the project to the team member may be a suitable solution for your needs. Alternatively, QuickPlan supports to export the project for a specific project member to a new project to includes the tasks assigned to the project member only.

Share Project in a Specific Date Range

Share a selected Task Group in a new Project

Share the Visible Tasks (when displaying in LIST style)

QuickPlan supports to display tasks in a tree structure and a list structure. When presenting in the list, QuickPlan can export visible tasks only in a new project. (task groups are ignored)

Need to sync project with team members, please check out our article about team collaboration.
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