Quick Start - Reporting & Printing

Communication is an essential part of project management. QuickPlan supports exporting the project to PDF and image files that can be used directly in reports or as raw material for reporting.

If necessary, you can export data to other systems for further processing.


Different users have different requirements for printing the project. QuickPlan offers pretty good customization options for PDF export (as a replacement for calling macOS print directly).

QuickPlan offers quite helpful customization options for PDF export (as a substitute for calling macOS print directly).

Printing is a challenge for users when the NATURE of the project size is large because the project duration is long or there are many tasks. There is no way for the app (and sometimes not for a human) to export the project content CLEARLY to the PDF page with limited size. And the situation can be even more complicated because the DPI of printers is different. Sometimes zooming can cause a bad result.

Please take a look at our practice for this challenge.

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