QuickPlan Slack BOT

What is "QuickPlan Slck BOT"?

"QuickPlan Slack BOT" acts as a BOT to represent a QuickPlan project, which can communicate (via text chatting) with other project members, to deliver the information of project tasks, and to collaborate with the project members to update the status of the project tasks, via Slack service.

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"QuickPlan Slack BOT" is a macOS App

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A "QuickPlan Slack BOT" is a project management assistant, whose responsibility is to understand the project schedule you gave, and to answer the queries from the project members about the tasks, to collect the task updates from the project members for you to review. Because of some "unknown" reasons, the project management assistant (the bot) can only live on a Mac and to talk via Slack.

How do we Start?

As you need an assistant (with very limited capabilities) to help you on the project schedule communication and collaboration, living on a Mac device, charting via Slack service

Then the assistant can start to work (project members can DM to QuickPlan Slack BOT to talk). When the assistant is at working (the app is running), the project members can chat with the assistant, if the assistant left (the app is not running), the assistant of the cause will not serve the project members.

BOT Configuration
Permission Control

We can customize how QuickPlan Slack BOT serves for specific slack users, such as to allow or not allow the bot to share project file with non-project members. We can also disable the permission of some command to disable the functionality, for example, if only use the bot to delivery project schedule (not to collect project member updates), we can disable the access for all the users to send a command to update task status.

If you have the problem to understand it, please have an IT expert to be involved


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