Project planning has never been so easy!


Use natural gestures on a clean and intuitive user interface.


PDF, Excel, and image files with customization options.


Share with the team via Dropbox, Box, and Airdrop, email, iTunes.


Sync between iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive.


MS Project, Mind-Map, WBS, Excel, iCal, and Contact integrations.


Split & duplicate project for the specific project members.

Tree & List

Display in Tree and List style with support for sorting and filtering.


Today widget, Local Notification, and Today list within the app.


Super flexible user interface customizations.

QuickPlan sets EASE and EFFICIENCY as primary goals in organizing your professional projects, plans, efforts, goals, and lives on Apple devices and delivers the most effective planning practice to users - all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning.


Simple, Intuitive, Efficient and Clean

  • Using natural gestures makes project creation more convenient, faster, and more efficient than ever before
  • Well-designed keyboard shortcuts
  • Bulk input to create multiple tasks quickly
  • The smoothest Gantt chart app on a clean user interface
  • Context-based maintenance on outline list, Gantt chart, and inspectors

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Outline panel maintains task properties as in a grid, with well-designed keyboard shortcuts supports.

Gantt chart deliveries intuitive task maintenance practice with natural gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Inspectors helps to maintain task properties on a property list efficiently with attractive customization options.


QuickPlan fine-tunes the best features of Microsoft Project Plan and repurposes them for iOS and macOS without the complexity - with INTUITIVENESS and SIMPLICITY, you know and love.


Export projects to PDF, MS Excel, and image files with compelling options for customising content and layout. View Details


Share projects across teams and devices via Dropbox, Box, iTunes, and Airdrop, supported in the app.

Create partial-projects for specific project members for better team communication and tracking.

  • "Open in" support for QuickPlan project file.
  • Send the entire project or a portion of it to include tasks from specific members only.
  • Export/import via third-party cloud storages.
  • Share via Airdrop, iTunes, and other apps.

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SYNC across iOS and Mac devices

Sync project files across iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive.View Details


Save as MS Project file (in .XML format), and Open MS Project file (in .xml format) to import.View Details


Import from Mind Map (.opml) file, and (QuickPlan for Mac) supports to save the project to OPML file.View Details

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) INTEGRATION

Simplify input/output in the project management process with SwiftApp WBS.View Details


Today Widget, Local Notification, Inner App Today List, with multiple project selection options.View Details

Best project management app for iPad

Rc Pilot

Excellent project management app with Microsoft Project support (import and export of projects). The Gantt charts and gestures are really great. Intuitive and easy to use, powerful (batch) import and export (XML) functions as well as cloud sharing and sync between multiple devices. This is i.m.o. currently the best project management app for the iPad. 👍

Exquisite Tool – simplicity combined with power


I have all the project geek merit badges – PMP certified, contributing author of the PMBoK, and a 20 year veteran of running projects up to thousands of personnel and billions of dollars. This tool shines in regard to easy of use combined with functionality. 99% of the users of Microsoft Project can’t properly use more than 10% of the application as everyone geeks out and wants more functions and more gadgets. QPP allows you to QUICKLY get a project sketched out and running. Earned Value Calculations and Resource Leveling? Yeah good luck with that on any tool. Im not going to suggest any more functionality to this tool to avoid unnecessarily complicating it but I will ask for a web-based or Mac-based app to easier support the initial keying and loading of all the project activities. That’s not a shortcoming of QPP but rather of iPads, which simply aren’t as good as a full size keyboard for data entry.Thanks for a terrific App!!

Best Project Planning App

Scott, PMP

This is my go to app for project planning and tracking on iOS. I’m using it daily to plan and track projects and have found it to be the best project management app for iOS thus far. The ability to quickly enter information, move it around and organize it so that clients and stakeholders can understand it is priceless. In addition to project tracking, I’m using it for high level program management reporting to align management stakeholders to the overall plan and status.The developer has done a great job with the user interface and user experience. There are video tutorials available on how to use the app making it very clear on how to use. I’ve found it to be very intuitive which has made it easy to learn and use so I can quickly make changes while discussing the project with clients.The export functions are great making it easy to send a snapshot via PDF, Excel or PNG to stakeholders and resources to keep everyone on the same page with the project. Exporting XML works great when it’s time to make the schedule more complex than what should be managed on the iPad or if needed to align with an enterprise project reporting tool.I’m using the app daily and have found it to be the best project planning tool on iOS that is available.

Best Project Planner Anywhere!


Of all of the project planning /Gantt Generation Software I have used on either the iPad or the Desktop, this has become my favorite. It has added speed and ease to my workflow. I begin by brainstorming project tasks and milestones in iThoughts (mind map for iOS and MacOSX). This, for me, is simply the easiest and most intuitive way to begin planning. QuickPlan imported my mindmap into a Project with appropriate task and subtask levels. I could have defined more task attributes, dates, etc. in iThoughts, but it was easier to add them in QuickPlan. QuickPlan also spaced out the imported tasks and subtasks over a timeline, making it super easy to define time data by just sliding or dragging the existing gantt bars. QuickPlan takes full advantage of the touchscreen, and creating a project timeline was never so easy! I set a new record for myself in terms of the ease and speed of creating a project, which now syncs to other devices. When it came time to share or export the project, I got a beautiful PDF of the project timelines and gantt chart ready to email or share, and an Excel file that is also stunning in its organization. You could also export for Microsoft Project, and I was going to figure out a way to export into GanttProject, but frankly, QuickPlan is so good, I’m not going to use anything else – the exports are good enough for sharing. This program is going to give me such a competitive edge, I wonder if I should be giving it a review! NOTE: You may wish to think about the combo package that includes a WBS and Org Chart app, as it is only a few dollars more.

Project planning has never been so easy!

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